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description: amd 65 side folding stock with trunnion.....these are in very good ++ condition...the stock locks up good and tight no slop at all..... also included is the side mounting sling ring....please note that the mounting tab will not be usable do to the fact that upon the removal from the receiver piece the metal tabs tend to break ...they were never intended to be removed and ... Poverty in the gilded age
The Jako rifle trunnion is a substitute trunnion that allows you to build a Galil rifle with a sheet metal receiver, allowing you to choose from the best features of the entire Kalashnikov family for your custom rifle. Using the AKM trunnion for the base design, this can be installed into any standard 1mm receiver using standard AK building tools.

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Dec 27, 2017 · Always wanted to build an AK from a flat or 80% receiver but it seemed pretty cost prohibited because of the tools involved. But now Im seeing bent 80% receivers with rails already welded in. Trunion removal/install tools that dont need a 15 ton press. So it looks like things are getting...

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AK-12 Receiver Options are Availible! If you haven't heard, AK-12 Receiver options are now available! On any Polish or US 74 we now have AK-12 angled notches, AK-12 Sidef...

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Jan 23, 2012 · The spare HK trunnion from what I was told was a POF G3 looks like an ape with powertools demilled it from the rifle and the cross pin hole looks like it was drilled with a broken bit and never reamed even before the "ape" got to it, the CETME trunnion is surprisingly nice with curious sanding marks on the front face while the RCM is just a ...

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TOOL: Front Trunnion Support. BUILDER: JIMMY C on DESCRIPTION: Homemade front trunnion support fabricated from steel and intended to facilitate the process of replacing AK barrels. RATING: (0).

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Trunnion rivits and trigger guard: 4mm Long rivit receiver holes: 4.5mm Center support receiver holes: 4mm Barrel pin: 6.5mm drilled and reamed with 7mm reamer, or a 1/4 center cutting 4 flute endmill followed by 6.5mm drill bit and reamed to 7mm And if making your own rivit tools a 5/16 ball end mill works good for the rivit head support divits.

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Sep 01, 2009 · I've never seen a PSL center support sold. The center support rivet is a long one, used also as one of the PSL scope rail rivets. PSL scope rails are currently up for private sale by dfwgunner13 at the ar15 forums, AK parts rear trunion, sights, misc parts - AR15.COM. At $10 each it's a good buy and I've dealt with dfwgunner before, things went ...

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Click the button below to add the 905219 - Trunnion Support Ass to your wish list. Related Products. 426-04-014-0005 Trunnion Support Bracket $121.53. DPEC000719 ...

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This is a tool designed to help with making your own ak47 or ak74. It works like a pair of tweezers, but has a spud to locate in the AK trunnion holes. On the opposite side is a .250" thru hole designed to be used with a 1/4" transfer punch to mark the intended trunnion rivet hole location. Do not use this with a drill, only with a 1/4" transfer punch. This will allow you to mark all your ...

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