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An excited state electron configuration is any electron configuration for an atom that contains the correct total number of electrons but has a higher total electron potential energy than the ground state electron configuration. 17. Write an electron configuration for element X that shows the atom in a different excited state than the one ... Lake city labradoodles
An element has electrons that correspond with each of the available slots, from the beginning of the periodic table (where hydrogen is located) up to where that element is located. If we were to represent an electron as an arrow, we could represent two electrons in a 1s sub-level like this: .

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The next element has two electrons and the second electron fills the 1s orbital because there are only two possible values for the spin quantum number used to distinguish between the electrons in an orbital. He (Z = 2): 1s 2. The third electron goes into the next orbital in the energy diagram, the 2s orbital. Li (Z = 3): 1s 2 2s 1

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(B) an alkaline earth metal (D) a transition element . ANSWER = A b/c the electron configuration ends with 4s 1 and that means that it is in Group 1 – which is the alkali metals. OR, if you add up all of the exponents in the electron configuration, you get 19.

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Do the following electron configurations represent a possible state of an element? If so, (i) identify the element and (ii) deter­ mine if this is the ground state or an excited state. If not, why not? a. I s22:,.22p63s2 b. I s~s22p73.~ c. I s22s22p43s23p2 14. Why is the section of the periodic table labeled as ·'transition

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Write a ground state electron configuration for each neutral atom. Ground state means that all of the lowest possible energy levels (up to the proper number of electrons for the element) are filled. 9. Cl 3. Sr 10. Hg Write a ground state electron configuration for these ions. Remember that ions have a

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The rule states that orbitals of equal energy are each occupied by one electron before any orbital is occupied by a second electron, and all electrons in singly occupied orbitals must have the same spin. Carbon has a configuration of 1s22s22p2. Nitrogen has a third 2p electron, Nitrogen has a configuration of 1s22s22p3.

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5. Which element has the largest atomic radius? a) Sn b) Cl c) Se d) Kr e) F. 6. An element has the following outer electron configuration in its ground state, where n represents the highest occupied energy level: (n - 1)d 10 ns 2 np 4. Which of the elements listed below could it be? a) Si b) Se c) S d) Ge e) none of these. 7.

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The number before symbols s, p, d, f tells you about shell in which electrons are present and the number written after symbol tells you about the number of electrons present in that particular orbital. Since, atomic no. = no. of protons = no. of e...

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Question: Which Element Has The Following Ground State Electron Configuration? B O C Be Si Which Element Has The Following Ground State Electron Configuration?. Fe Co Ni Cu Zn What Ix A Possible Set Of Quantum Numbers For An Unpaired Electron M The Orbital N= 1, L = 1, M_t = -1, M_s = +1/2 N= 4, L = 2, M_t = -1, M_s = +1/2 N= 5, L = 2, M_t = -2, M_s = +1/2 N= ...

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Oct 02, 2019 · Phosphorus has an atomic number of 15. A stable phosphorus atom has an electronic configuration of: (a) 1s 2 1p 6 2s 2 2p 5 (b) 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 3 (c) 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 1 4s 2 (d) 1s 2 1p 6 1d 7

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b) Shorthand Electron Configuration: The electronic configurations of the elements after argon are shown in the table below. In this table part of the electronic configuration of each element is represented by [Ar]. This element illustrates the electronic configuration of argon: 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6.

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