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In zsh and ksh93, you can also apply nullglob on a per-glob basis, which is a lot saner approach than modifying a global setting: files=(*.txt(N)) # zsh files=(~(N)*.txt) # ksh93 would create an empty array if there's no txt file instead of failing the command with an error (or making it an array with one *.txt literal argument with other shells). Cerdhe per femije
Sony's Xperia camera app creates files without time-stamped names. Thus, after deleting files on the phone, the same names will be reused. When uploading the photos to a cloud storage, this means that files will be overwritten.

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这段脚本包含100多个bash函数,是我几年前方便自己调试和诊断问题写的。贴出来给有需要的人,因为比较懒怎么使用这些函数 ...

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The second one—unsetopt null_glob csh_null_glob— did allow me to type in my unmodified scp command and download my cachegrind files. I never like the idea of just typing in random commands without knowing what they do however. Before making the change persistent in my zsh config files I decided to do a little reading on the null_glob option ...

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zsh Numeric Ranges Filenames containing numbers can be tough to match with standard wildcards. For example, let’s say you’re writing a book made of 33 chapter files named chap1 through chap33. You’d like to copy chapters 8 through 23 to your backups directory. With standard wildcards, you’d need to do something like

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Note that the Zsh Development Group accepts no responsibility for any brain damage which may occur during the reading of the ... unless the NULL_GLOB option is set ...

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One of the problems of larger Project is the dependency management. A great help here is Maven. Maven can also be used in Android development so that both server and mobile client can use the same build and dependency management.

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zsh * V:3, 12784 Sim Z shell: a shell standard com I:6 muitos melhoramentos pdksh V:0.2, 468 Sim verso de domnio pblico da * I:1.1 Korn shell csh * V:0.6, 404 No OpenBSD shell C, uma verso do I:2 Berkeley csh

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For the second question, the rules for glob pattern handling are different in scripts versus on the command line. Try adding (#q) at the end of the glob pattern to tell zsh to treat it as a typical glob pattern. It's always better if possible to use the completion functions that come with zsh instead of manually generating an array of all the ...

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For example, when running a command with `zsh -c', or even `zsh -o posixaliases -c', the entire command argument is parsed as one unit, so aliases defined within the argument are not available even in later lines. If in doubt, avoid use of aliases in non-interactive code.

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# Zsh settings file for Greg Fitzgerald <[email protected]> # # Most recent update: Fri Sep 28 18:38:41 2007 #

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Jun 21, 2011 · fi done A more efficient but nonstandard solution for empty matches is to use a nonstandard shell extension called "null globbing". Null globbing fixes this by replacing an unmatched pattern with nothing at all. In bash you can enable nullglob with "shopt -s nullglob". In zsh, you can use setopt NULL_GLOB for the same result.

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